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Custom Plastic Injection Molding

In 2002, new ownership brought new vision. GG Custom Injection Molding was created as a division of Green Garden Products to bring custom plastic injection molding to our customers. 

We had over 20 years of satisfied customers, a dedicated and skilled staff, and best-in-the-marketplace engineering know-how.

All we had to do was shift some resources and we were ready with solutions for custom requirements. With custom plastic injection molding, we can respond to any new application for lawn and garden and chemical and cleaning products. And we're reaching out to new industries like automotive, telecommunications, hunting and sports equipment, with full services through packaging.

GG Custom Molding – a model company

  • Experienced staff
  • Business-to-business savvy
  • High quality
  • State-of-the-art knowledge in cooling and temperature process
  • State-of-the-art equipment and skilled operators
  • Regrind process to cut your costs
  • Quick response capabilities  to meet your changing needs
  • Design and engineering to meet any tolerance requirement

Call us with your product needs and watch your concept come to life.

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