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Plastic Prototyping

You have a great new idea.  But before you go into production, you need to find out if it will work.  You need a prototype in plastic. GG Custom Molding provides exceptional value to our customers with plastic prototyping. This is a critical step before turning your idea into a mass-produced product. 

Expert Team

GG Custom Molding has made a commitment to your success by having both an application engineer and a product design engineer on the team.  These experts help you reduce overall development costs by creating a one-of-a-kind plastic prototype so you can test your product idea in the real world. Plastic prototyping requires a small but valuable investment upfront.  There is no other way to be sure the part will work before making a large investment in production costs. Our team helps you work out the bugs so you can relax during production.

Plastic prototyping is a critical part of GG Custom Molding’s turn key program, providing you peace of mind and smart investment in your product.

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