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Plastic Part Design and Engineering

Whether you need a single part or an entire product, GG Custom Molding is your trusted partner.  Our state-of-the-art plastic part design process gives you the best parts available today. You can even replace higher priced metal alloy parts without compromising strength and durability. As an added bonus, you get greater design flexibility, increased ergonomics and improved aesthetics.

Advanced technology

It’s a partnership. You have the idea.  We have the know-how to bring your idea to life. We help you understand the process step-by-step. And we’ve made a commitment to include both an application engineer and a product design engineer on your team. So you get a plastic part design team that understands your idea and knows how to convert it into a high quality mold. 

Our team develops the part, makes it injection moldable, and mass-produces it with consistent quality, saving you money and time.  You get an end product you can count on at a price point that helps you stay competitive.

One critical step in plastic part engineering is plastic prototypingThis is where you see your idea come to life before production begins.  You’ll be able to test your product and make sure it suits your production needs before making a huge commitment of resources.    

Click here to learn the benefits of plastic prototyping for your project.

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