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Lawn & Garden Sprayers - K10 - K11 - K12 Sprayers

The outdoor lawn and garden sprayer series has a powerful venturi system sure to be an exciting plus to your retail presentation. Product ratio selection is made by a simple dial system on top of the sprayer. In its off position, the sprayer and bottle are leak proof. A built-in back flow prevention device keeps product from entering the home water system. All units fit on a sturdy easy-to-fill 83 mm wide-mouth bottle with a two and a half pound capacity and a three-position rotating spray selector nozzle.

K-10 CombinationTM Liquid and Clog-Free Sprayer
If it can be sprayed, the K-10 Combination can spray it!  This lawn and garden sprayer has four pre-fixed selections:  3 gal; 6 gal; 15 gal; and 21 gal.  Custom colors and packaging are available. Use for liquid or granular products for the lawn and garden.

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K-11 Clog-FreeTM Granular Feeder

The world’s only four-setting feeder that allows you to effectively merchandise and sell fish emulsion, lime, dry fertilizers and plant foods. This lawn and garden sprayer has four pre-fixed selections.  Custom colors and packaging are available.

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K-12 Liquid SpreaderTM

Finally, a sprayer for all your lines.  With K-12’s twelve separate liquid settings, you just pour in the product, select the proper setting and spray.  This liquid lawn and garden sprayer has a three-position rotating spray head and features a 6-gallon setting for fixed quantity or odd mixtures..
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