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Hose End Sprayer Applications

We specialize in the design and manufacturing of hose-end dilution devices and application systems for lawn and garden and sanitizing products.  Whether your product is a fertilizer, pesticide, chemical or cleaning agent, we have a hose-end sprayer to fit your requirements.  Our superior mixing and dispersion capabilities help your product perform at its best.

Green Garden products are designed to meet your application needs. Fertilizer or pesticide, chemical or cleaning agent, liquid or granular, stream or spray, outdoor or indoor – there's a Green Garden hose-end sprayer just right for you.

Click to view an overview of products and uses. 

Best of both worlds

Customer needs drive our business. So you can have it your way. 

Choose from our best-in-the-industry line of hose-end application devices that can be tailored to your specific needs. Click to see our hose-end products.

Or let GG Custom Molding create a custom designed device for your unique product requirements. Click to see GG Custom Molding. 

Your lawn and garden product or chemical cleaner deserves the best application device on the market.  Green Garden wants to be your hose-end sprayer of choice!

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