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Hose End Sprayers Competitive Advantages

What makes Green Garden the global market leader in hose-end sprayer application technology?

We've had time to get it right – over 20 years experience in hose-end sprayer design and manufacturing. We're 100% committed to creating the best products at the best prices.  We invest in state-of-the-art equipment and offer innovations to meet customer needs.  We are proud to be American manufactured.

Our commitment to superior quality, service and innovation benefits you!  Here's what you get with Green Garden hose-end sprayers:

The best mixing and dispersion on the market
That means your products are more effective and your customers are happier. See the illustrated difference below.

(A) Is a leading brand name of hose end sprayer, but note how the concentrated mix is focused in the middle of the stream. This design may cause the material being mixed to over concentrate on a lawn or garden and improperly disperse the chemical or fertilizer causing burnout or poor coverage of the area.

(B) Is a another leading brand hose end sprayer, it is better than the previous model but it still disperses in concentrated areas with the water stream. Better but still not effective.

(C) Is the Green Garden hose end sprayer with it's engineered design to provide a better dispersion rate of material throughout the entire stream. This means better mixing and better overall dispersion and can effectively dispense your fertilizer, plant food or cleaner the way you intended it to be mixed.

Adherence to the strictest plumbing code in the country
Los Angeles plumbing code stamp of approval guarantees attention to detail and built-in safety features like a backflow device to protect the water supply.

Customizable design, manufacturing and packaging
Find solutions for all your unique hose-end sprayer needs.  Green Garden can take your idea from concept to production to shelf.

Best quality and best price
Today’s competitive marketplace demands this combination and Green Garden delivers!

Click to learn about custom colors and packaging and our manufacturing innovations.

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