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Fan Spray / Stream Hose End Sprayer K2K Sprayer

The K-2-K is Green Garden ’s basic stream spray / fan spray hose-end spray model beats the competition on dispersion, functionality and ease of use.

Dispersion – the best wash and cleaning sprayer in the industry!
The K-2-K, like all of Green Garden hose-end sprayers, beats the competition every time in dispersion of your products.  Our unique application technology provides a concentrated stream spray that helps your product achieve its full potential.

Best Uses
This stream spray / fan spray hose-end sprayer is best for operations like deck cleaning, mildew remover on the roof or reaching high windows or siding on house. 

Multiple flow tubes produce spray or stream (up to 25 feet) application. The bottle design makes this model attractive for many of your product needs. A single hand operation with top mounted thumb switch provides even water and product flow. The dip tube and bottle seal are included for use with 28 mm bottles. Custom mixture rates are available from 15:1 to 256:1 to handle a wide range of product application requirements. The seal is leak-proof when packed with product. This product is available in the new water conservation “WC” series and high vacuum “HV” series sprayers.

Your product deserves shelf-presence and Green Garden can help you achieve it.  Whatever it takes – custom colors, translucent colors, metallic colors, multiple colors –  Green Garden can give you the look you want at a cost that works for you.

The tamper-proof closure assures safety and provides peace-of-mind.

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